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MagicSim Dual Sim Card Adaptor Galaxy S3 i9300 Version
[Code: gs3-nocut]

Retail Price: 28.90
Discount price: 27.90


The Latest New Dual Sim Card Non Cutting Adapter for Samsung Galaxy i9300 S3 SIII Android Phone!
Two Sim Cards in one Phone!

With the ultra-slim design, support 3G, 2G, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, CDMA, UMTS, WCDMA, HSDPA, 3G video call. The other older versions or fake product can not support high-speed Internet access.
You don't need to switch off the phone or manually remove and insert the sim card anymore, simply switch one sim online, the best stability and compatibility!

Remember, these is one sim online and another sim appear offline, if you enable call forwarding from sim2 to sim1 than these will let you receive both phone call. To receive text message (SMS) you will still need to switch to the sim card that you want to.

There are also Cut Model adapter support Samsung Nexus and almost all of the phone and also no cut model for Samsung Galaxy S , S2 , Note... Iphone4/4GS are also available.

Thanks for the watching and any questions please let us know. Thank you!